Heber Vega is an Editorial and Humanitarian photographer. Originally from Chile, Heber has been based in northern Iraq since 2003. Heber works primarily as a freelance photographer, working on assignment. He has been commissioned by various organizations, magazines and lately by advertising agencies as well.

“I have blended my passions, photography and assisting others, to try to create images that can inspire people, move them, but overall to bring them closer to the subject.

I’m a big believer in the power of stories, I think is part of our DNA as human beings, somehow we all need stories to keep us alive, inspired, conscious and aware of our own existence. I’m a visual storyteller that loves to write and portrait people’s lives. ”

Heber speaks three different languages, has worked as humanitarian aid worker for many years, and is currently living in Iraq. All these experiences have helped him to develop an ability to work with people from different countries, cultures and religions. The versatility shows in his photography.

Heber is the Founder of The ONE-SHOT Project, an initiative to provide opportunities through vocational training in photography and multimedia to children living in marginal situations.





Humanitarian photography for NGOs and Non-profit organizations.

Editorial photography for Newspapers and Magazines.

Commercial photography for advertising agencies.

Contact Info
+56 9 5792 7460. He uses this number while in Chile.
Skype: skypeforheber.
E-Mail: Contact Me!


What clients say about Heber’s work.

“Heber was, in every way, the ideal photographer to document Prosperity Candle’s work in Iraq. To be able to effectively share our story and generate interest in our candles, we needed compelling images that reflected the pride, humanity and spirit of the women with whom we are partnering in Baghdad. Heber is a tremendously talented photographer and his photographs are compelling. But he is much more than a photographer. He truly is a humanitarian who brings out the best in the subjects of his photographs and cares deeply about sharing their stories in a respectful and thoughtful way. The generosity and kindness that he exhibited to the women working with Prosperity Candle was incredible. We do not think of him only as the photographer that we hired to help us, but rather as a trusted and valued partner — one who is now part of the Prosperity Candle family. “

Siiri Morley – Prosperity Candle


“The best thing about working with Heber Vega is his work ethic and his keen ability to understand the people and the cultures in which he works. He is not interested in photography for photography’s sake. He cares about the subject and does not exploit with his camera. With Heber you get the sense that the photography is actually about the subject and for the benefit of the subject rather than being about him and the advancement of his own career. I wish there were more like him!”

Jeremy Courtney – Executive Director – Preemptive Love Coalition


“Getting high-quality pictures of our project in Iraq has been a challenge. Anyone can take a picture but few actually have an eye for photography. Heber has that eye! In one day, Heber was able to capture what we couldn’t in 6 months of taking pictures. Heber’s work is going to help make our website and video that much more effective and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Heber!”

Brad Fisher – Director of Development at SALT International – SALT International