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Cover Art in Iraq

One of the last assignments I had while still in Iraq last year was to photograph some cover art for a popular local musician. It was one of those opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere, and in no time, you find yourself working on it. I prefer to have some lead time on a project like this, but I couldn't say no just because it was offered at short notice. [...]

First Wedding...

One of the most important skills I've learned since I moved to Iraq ten years ago is the ability to be flexible at all times. Surprises, unexpected situations and delays are part of life. As a professional, I've learned not only to adjust, but to make the most of those situations. I say this because one of the situations I never thought I'd never find joy or inspir[...]

A Cover for Kirkuk Center for Torture Victims

In September 2012 I had the privilege to meet in person some of the workers and directors behind the Kirkuk Center for Torture Victims., as they state on their website, “is a human rights organization assisting traumatized victims of torture, persecution and violence in Iraq. We believe in a democratic society where the dignity of the human person is[...]

Product shooting - Los Búhos

One of the surprises I found this time when I returned to Chile was that one of my dear friends is now crafting and brewing beer. He’s started his own company, established a lab, and has just begun the production of a beer called “Los Búhos” (which means The Owls in Spanish). It’s exquisite, to say the least. More than just a beer with great flavour, this beer has a l[...]


A few days ago, I finally made the time to photograph my best friend and wife, Belen Leon, at 9 months pregnant! Yes, I really cut it close to the time that our fourth son is due. This will probably be the last child we add to our family by birth, so we wanted to mark the occasion with a special shoot. Our intention was to photograph Belen as naturally as possible, an[...]

I'm in Chile!

Sorry for the late notice, but I’m back in Chile, the country of my birth. I’m planing to be here until mid-July, when we’ll head back home to northern Iraq, to Kurdistan. Right now I’m working on several projects that I’d like to share with you here. Thanks!


After a little more than a year since our first photography workshop in Iraq, I have the honor to announce that The ONE-SHOT Project will have its first international exhibit! The show is called "Developing Change". We are not alone in this show, but are in good company with other wonderful humanitarian initiatives. Check out the attached image with their project nam[...]

My First World Wide PhotoWalk

What an incredible experience! I had a blast along side some photography lovers in Kurdistan, Iraq. Have I mentioned that we were all photo walk newbies? Yeah, this was a first in Kurdistan, and also in Iraq. For this very first event, I took my oldest son Caleb along. He came back with more than 300 images... and had a blast! I also took advantage of him as a mod[...]

Gear that challenges your work

I keep working with my new strobes (Elinchrom Quadra – a review is coming soon!) and I’m really enjoying the opportunities they've created for me in this new photographic market in northern Iraq. These days I've been busy shooting, and I love that! A little at a time I’ve been able to develop a better workflow around these new jobs. Yes, I said “new” jobs, because [...]

Photography That Cures The Soul

Check it out: today I have an article published on Tiffinbox, a popular photography blog I'm excited to be connected with. Give my guest post a read. I explain why I think photography can be good therapy to help us get over certain fears and self-imposed limits. You might just be the next person added to the list of stories... If you like the post don't be shy; lea[...]

Pinterest as my online shopping list

I know a lot of folks, especially male photographers, don’t like Pinterest due to copyright issues and because it's thought of as more of a “female” thing. I’m not here to discuss those topics, but to share just a bit of advice. I've been using Pinterest as my visual shopping list. Yes, you read that right–besides “pinning” some awesome images that I keep for my own i[...]

Another look to portraiture photography

In this job, you never know where the next gig is going to come from. Three weeks ago, I had an unexpected assignment. I had the opportunity to make some portraits of good friends of mine getting married in Kurdistan, Iraq (where I live). They already had a photographer booked for their wedding itself (which is different than most of the weddings I've seen here), s[...]