Over the years of working as a wedding photographer in Middle East one of the things that we learned, is that people stories are one of the most fascinating things in earth. People are drawn to stories. You can see that on the popularity that books, news, cinema, have among people like us.

When photography gets to be a part of those moments, and gets to be a part of the story, is when photography endures and evolves into memories.

We can’t underestimate the power of these memories, and even less in one of the most important days of our lives. My commitment along with my work are a proof of how much I appreciate to be part of your own story and future memories.





My photographic style is the result of a combination of styles. In one side is my Humanitarian work, learned throughout years of work for international non profit organizations. Where it matters most is to capture a sincere and honest portrait of a human being in the middle of his surroundings. In the other side is my Editorial style, where I get to create an ambient, create an scene, a specific “look” that my clients are going after. 

Most of the time you will find me looking around for the best available natural light, or creating it with my own lights. The lighting in my photos are one of my stronger things.

In my body of work, people and portraits are predominant but I also consider important to capture all circumstances around a wedding day, accessories, dress, guests, family, decoration, etc.

I’d be happy to share full galleries upon inquiry.





After a bit more of a decade in Middle East, this 2016 we are moving back to Chile! Where we will be establishing our basecamp. If you are planing on a destination wedding in Chile, count on us! You will find some of the world’s top destinations such as Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Eastern Island, San Pedro de Atacama, excellent Vineyards just to name a few locations.

What if you want my work at your wedding in another country? Then I will travel the world to get on time!

Cost for International Weddings? My rate starts at $1,600 USD but that will depends on wedding location and availability. Get in contact with me using the the contact page at the menu or shoot me an email at for all the pricing and info sheets.
Living in Chile? Lucky you! We can have a coffee together and start talking about your wedding. This is my Phone Number: +569 45785417 You can find me in WhatsApp or FaceTime. 


To complement your experience with us, we offer photo sessions before or after the day of your wedding. Engagement sessions, Pre or Post Wedding sessions. The idea is to be able to photograph the couple in a different location rather than the wedding’s venue. See link below!



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