After twelve long years of living in Middle East I’ve come back to Chile…

Painting, drawing… there are certain things that are born along with us and certain things that we must learn in life. I believe photography is one of those things that I had to learned but at the same time I believe that is a consequence of something that I was born with, and that is the desire to drawing things.

Always admiring people who could afford a “real” camera, I grew up using a small pocket size camera, that needed film in order to work. That was indeed a great experience after all!

But it was not until 2006 when I decided that I needed a “quality” leap and bought my first DSLR. Why did I do that? because there was a need for telling stories that we were part of at that time! We were already living in Iraq for three years, because in 2003 my wife and I moved to a place that we like to call it Kurdistan instead. (Although is physically placed in Iraq)

We went to Kurdistan as part of a large international NGO that was carrying out humanitarian assistance due to the complex situation that the country was trapped in those years. We were one of those people that believed it could “change the world”. That was in that environment that my photography was born.

Over those first couple of years, I was totally committed to capture stories, people, culture and places of Kurdistan. Photography was a excellent medium to document the humanitarian stories that were unfolding around us. You can see some of those Personal photographs.

Around 2010, and thanks to my friend Matt Brandon (Aka digitaltrekker) and his workshop about storytelling and multimedia for NGOs, is that I took a more serious step into photography, and I decided to start offering my services to other humanitarian organizations in the area (colleagues at that point). That was the beginning of my humanitarian photography that took me in an incredible journey to through hundreds of stories of people in Kurdistan and Iraq as well.

That starting point took to another bigger step in my photography, Editorial work. I started to work for some magazines and later I was commissioned for some advertising agencies as well. I was in the middle of that process when I was invited to photograph my first wedding, and that one took me a second one, and so on. Until 2015 when I photographed more than 60 couples!

Nowadays I like to think that my photographic style is due to a combination/mixture of those two fields. Humanitarian photography taught me about documenting stories and that’s what I bring in my photography behind a weeding day. Editorial photography taught me how to stylised a photo shoot. How to use my strobes to create good light that could improve the environment at the moment of portraying my clients (couples) in photo session. That’s how I have brought the studio to exterior literally!



With Belen (my wife) we are parent of four boys! Without any doubt they are my biggest inspiration in life. I have learned so much by witnessing their “process”, I’ve learned about life, about myself, and about humanity in general. Photography families comes as an extension of this and more…


Thankful For




Now that we have come back to Chile, we want to establish our work or base in a place far from the noise of big cities. We know from first hand that Chile counts with some of the most espectacular locations in the world, so if things work well for us, we’ll move to southern Chile in a near future. We love Patagonia, and also Puerto Varas makes us feel at home. We hope that the inspiration that comes from the connection with nature, will take us all in a journey full of amazing imagery for lots of families and couples. We hope to communicate that next step soon here!

I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of

Michel de Montaigne