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"Throughout our twelve years in Kurdistan/Iraq, the biggest part of our photographic journey was focused on the humanitarian world. In fact, photography was the medium that we found along the road in our social service. Photography became the way to communicate effectively the stories that surrounded us, became the way to portrait the people that amazed us with hope. At the end, without the trust of international organizations, our journey in photography would have been only our childhood dream... " I would like to thank, among all organizations, the ones that trusted on our work (when no one would) to portrait the suffering and hope that ...
"Since the early days in my career, and probably as a natural next step from my humanitarian photography, I've had the opportunity to be commissioned for some magazines, with some advertising agencies as well and directly with clients that have required this type of editorial work in my photography." I'm available for Editorial Work. Please contact me through this page or call me at +56 9 4578 5427