January 17, 2012

Guest Blogging – “Haunted Memories”


Today I’m guest blogging at a friend’s Blog. The special thing about this post is that it isn’t just another Blog post for me. This is a very intimate, deep and difficult story of my childhood that I had to put into words and photographs. I’m really thankful for this challenge, thanks to Jose Martinez. This is a great idea. The whole project made me a better and a more sensitive artist.

NOTE: The Blog where I posted this work has been deleted for unknown reasons. I will publish this article on my Blog again.

Here are some of the images I used for this self-assignment. I will be probably blogging about these images as most of them were taken with my iPhone and post processed with a new software available for mac. Stay tuned for that.


Erin Wilson 20:29 January 17, 2012 Reply
Heber, as I've said elsewhere, this is a really powerful piece.  I'm grateful that you had the courage to create it.  Thank you. It would be great to see a post on the images you made.  Not only the 'how', but also the 'why'.  I'd like to hear more about the mood you wanted to achieve, and how you set about to make that.
    Heber Vega 21:06 January 17, 2012 Reply
    Thanks Erin. That is what I was trying to say... (at least in my mind) to explain a bit more about the process behind these images and not just the post-process of them, as I said equivocally on the post. 
Jose M. 22:57 January 17, 2012 Reply
Genial trabajo Heber. La combinación de imágenes y tu historia me ha resultado, como sabes, impactante. Estoy muy orgulloso de albergarlo en mi blog, y allí quedará junto a otras historias espero durante mucho, mucho tiempo. Te felicito.

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