matrimonio junto al mar
November 23, 2016

Wedding by the Sea – Felipe & Coca – Zapallar




Photographing a wedding by the sea makes everything different. Without a doubt I’d say that this was one of the most special weddings that I have photographed. Recently I blogged about this family here: A PreWedding with the whole Family!

Now I want to add or complement that with some other details and of course photographs that I made during the day of their wedding.

For example the preparatives were at such a neat place that it was easy to make beautiful images. Women and men went to two different houses on the beach. Women were literally on the edge by the sea, and men stayed at the same place of the ceremony a little bit up on the hill.

The place for the wedding was marvelous! all prepared by the groom Felipe and the guys from the wedding planning company. Felipe is an architect so the tent that was added to the house was unique, transparent and black instead of the usual white. With a lot of details that made the place cozy as their home.

And the party really hit my vibes! With music that I like and really good at dance and cheering guests everywhere. Some of which ended up on the pool! What else could we expect in a beach house?

Thank you Coca and Felipe for sharing these moments with us. Here are just some of the images from that day.





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