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Over the years of working as a wedding photographer in Middle East one of the things that we learned, is that people stories are one of the most fascinating things in earth. People are drawn to stories. You can see that on the popularity that books, news, cinema, have among people like us.

When photography gets to be a part of those moments, and gets to be a part of the story, is when photography endures and evolves into memories.

We can’t underestimate the power of these memories, and even less in one of the most important days of our lives. My commitment along with my work are a proof of how much I appreciate to be part of your own story and future memories.





My photographic style is the result of a combination of styles. In one side is my Humanitarian work, learned throughout years of work for international non profit organizations. Where it matters most is to capture a sincere and honest portrait of a human being in the middle of his surroundings. In the other side is my Editorial style, where I get to create an ambient, create an scene, a specific “look” that my clients are going after. 

Most of the time you will find me looking around for the best available natural light, or creating it with my own lights. The lighting in my photos are one of my stronger things.

In my body of work, people and portraits are predominant but I also consider important to capture all circumstances around a wedding day, accessories, dress, guests, family, decoration, etc.

I’d be happy to share full galleries upon inquiry.





After a bit more of a decade in Middle East, this 2016 we are moving back to Chile! Where we will be establishing our basecamp. If you are planing on a destination wedding in Chile, count on us! You will find some of the world’s top destinations such as Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Eastern Island, San Pedro de Atacama, excellent Vineyards just to name a few locations.

What if you want my work at your wedding in another country? Then I will travel the world to get on time!

Cost for International Weddings? My rate starts at $1,600 USD but that will depends on wedding location and availability. Get in contact with me using the the contact page at the menu or shoot me an email at ask@hebervega.com for all the pricing and info sheets.
Living in Chile? Lucky you! We can have a coffee together and start talking about your wedding. This is my Phone Number: +569 45785417 You can find me in WhatsApp or FaceTime. 


To complement your experience with us, we offer photo sessions before or after the day of your wedding. Engagement sessions, Pre or Post Wedding sessions. The idea is to be able to photograph the couple in a different location rather than the wedding’s venue. See link below!



“Refugees” for Preemptive Love Coalition
A few weeks back I had one of those last minute calls offering an assignment the next day. After realizing that the call was from one of my favourite charities in the world, I was ready to clear my schedule, move some appointments and go for it. And I’m glad I did! PLC (Preemptive Love Coalition) had the mission to travel 200+ kilometres to the city of Erbil, and find a special family of refugees that had fled from the northern area of Mosul because of ISIS persecution and the slaughtered of people there. (If you haven’t seen the news lately, that area of Kurdistan has received about 2 million IDPs -Internal Displaced People.) This fami ...
A Cover for Kirkuk Center for Torture Victims
In September 2012 I had the privilege to meet in person some of the workers and directors behind the Kirkuk Center for Torture Victims. Kirkuk-center.org, as they state on their website, “is a human rights organization assisting traumatized victims of torture, persecution and violence in Iraq. We believe in a democratic society where the dignity of the human person is respected, where adults and children enjoy the right to life and liberty, and where citizens are free from torture and terror.” At our initial meeting, we discussed the development of the “cover” for their upcoming annual report. In 2011 they had paid for a stock image that ...
Product shooting – Los Búhos
One of the surprises I found this time when I returned to Chile was that one of my dear friends is now crafting and brewing beer. He’s started his own company, established a lab, and has just begun the production of a beer called “Los Búhos” (which means The Owls in Spanish). It’s exquisite, to say the least. More than just a beer with great flavour, this beer has a lot of dedication, passion and craft behind it. I think that was the main reason why I was inspired to create this shoot. My friend has invested a lot of time in developing a method through studying the old traditions of crafting and brewing beer, and not relying on more “modern” ...
A few days ago, I finally made the time to photograph my best friend and wife, Belen Leon, at 9 months pregnant! Yes, I really cut it close to the time that our fourth son is due. This will probably be the last child we add to our family by birth, so we wanted to mark the occasion with a special shoot. Our intention was to photograph Belen as naturally as possible, and to be faithful to who she is she as a woman, and in that way to avoid some of the over-done looks that you can find easily on the internet. We scouted the venue just a few minutes before the shoot. Improvisation was key. And the location and time of the day turned out to be ...
My Work for SALT International
Last week I had one of those assignments that are a blast from the beginning until the very last shot. It started with a 3-hour drive through one of my favorites landscapes to go to the city of Erbil (known as Hawler in the local language), the capital of Kurdistan.  Were on the road at 3am and as we drove, waited for the sun to rise and surprise us again with the beautiful early morning light on the slopes that cover Kurdistan (next time we'll photograph more of that too). I arranged an early start due to the high temperatures that we have in summer in Iraq, so at 7am Erin Wilson and I met up with some of the Agrisoya members in Erbil (Er ...
Haunted Memories
It's not that I don’t have fond memories to recall. But I have a haunting memory that I need to get out of me. I’ve been thinking about my childhood; I’ve been trying to reconcile with my past, a past that I try to put together a piece at a time for my children to understand.  But my mind returns again and again to these haunting thoughts. Even now, after so many years since I left the narrow-shaped country of Chile that I call home, I am still reminded of my past. Although, I’ve been on the other side of the world for nine years, it seems that people, situations and especially places scheme to get these memories off my chest.  So here I a ...
The Operating Room
While I was going through the images I have shot during the last 2 years, I found a peculiar set of images that drew my attention. I don't know why I didn't take notice before, but I've decided to publish them under one of the portfolios that I'm currently building up, based on portraiture. I think that this set of photographs is very interesting in the sense that I'm sharing a very intimate and important moment with each person pictured here. These are the kind of profoundly personal moments when you don't want to be interrupted, and you don't want to be distracted, but for some reason that eludes me today, we all agreed to make it happen. ...
Sulaymaniyah International Theatre Festival
Last week, we had the opportunity to enjoy an international theatre festival, where groups from different European countries performed in locations throughout the city of Sulaymaniyah. It was a first for Iraq. One of the festival sponsors hired me to cover some of the performances, which was a new challenge for me. I haven’t done much work with events, and my only previous experience photographing events was my sister’s wedding (2009) and a Preemptive Love campaign (2010). The brief from my clients was: to capture as much of the performances as I could during the assigned hours, and to produce pictures to be used for archiving purposes ...
Guest Blogging – “Haunted Memories”
Today I'm guest blogging at a friend's Blog. The special thing about this post is that it isn't just another Blog post for me. This is a very intimate, deep and difficult story of my childhood that I had to put into words and photographs. I'm really thankful for this challenge, thanks to Jose Martinez. This is a great idea. The whole project made me a better and a more sensitive artist. NOTE: The Blog where I posted this work has been deleted for unknown reasons. I will publish this article on my Blog again. Here are some of the images I used for this self-assignment. I will be probably blogging about these images as most of them were t ...