PhotoBook para Matrimonios
October 27, 2016

PhotoBooks and Packaging


Wedding PhotoBooks in two different forms. A Gift Box with printed photos, wooden USB drive and more. These are some of the memories that our clients receive in some of our photo packs…

PhotoBook para Matrimonios

Sandro Franchi a Coloratti Master for X-rite, recently told us in a workshop that photos that aren’t being printed, are not photos at all! And I couldn’t agree more with that sentence.

Photos that aren’t printed are mere data inside of our computers, or hard drives. The only way for them to be alive is by being printed.


PhotoBook para Matrimonios

We do offer two different types of PhotoBook. A premium one with lay-flat technology that let the viewer open each page to its fullest. As the following image shows. And a classic photobook with a thinner paper as the image shows on the top of this paragraph.

PhotoBook para Matrimonios

Here are some more images of our photo books. Clic on them to see them bigger.

The last but not least the Gift Box that we deliver as well to our clients.

Finally we do have two videos to show you the PhotoBooks.


erick 16:26 September 10, 2017 Reply
hola heber, primero que nada un cordial saludo . déjame decirte que he quedado impresionado con tu trabajo. me he topado con tu pagina por casualidad , revisando un poco la web en busca de un lugar para imprimir photobooks . te cuento , soy fotógrafo recién llegado a santiago chile , como te dije antes estoy en busca de algún proveedor que imprima photobooks de calidad como los tuyos . mi consulta es que si tu trabajas únicamente con tus clientes u ofreces también tus servicios de impresión a otros fotógrafos . quedo atento a tu respuesta.