abril 9, 2013



A few days ago, I finally made the time to photograph my best friend and wife, Belen Leon, at 9 months pregnant! Yes, I really cut it close to the time that our fourth son is due. This will probably be the last child we add to our family by birth, so we wanted to mark the occasion with a special shoot. Our intention was to photograph Belen as naturally as possible, and to be faithful to who she is she as a woman, and in that way to avoid some of the over-done looks that you can find easily on the internet.

We scouted the venue just a few minutes before the shoot. Improvisation was key. And the location and time of the day turned out to be amazing, as you can see in the following images. In two hours and within a small area, we were able to capture all of these images and more.

What did I use for lighting? My trusty Elinchrom quadra’s and my favourite softbox, a Rotalux 59” deep octabox.

[...] and a forrest, of night light and day light. We collected the materials used to style the shoot at our previous location (after photographing Belen) and created this set-up in an improvised studio at my house. Total time [...]

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